CNSRV WTR Food Defroster & PLATESCRAPE Combo

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Save more money, water, and time than ever by taking advantage of the CNSRV WTR x PLATESCRAPE Combo.

CNSRV WTR Food Defroster

The CNSRV WTR FOOD DEFROSTER safely optimizes the food defrosting process.

 Saves over 165,000 gallons of water each year.

Saves $3,200.00 on water bills each year.

Saves hours of defrosting time each day.

A single "cold water method" defrosting session wastes up to 660 gallons of water.

In one year an average restaurant can use well over 170,000 gallons of water just defrosting food.

CNSRV WTR FOOD DEFROSTER  safely defrosts frozen food while using an average of only 8 gallons of water per complete defrosting session



Traditional methods of washing dishes wastes millions of gallons of clean, drinkable water, every day. With PLATESCRAPE we are changing the way dishes are washed saving time, energy, and water!

 Save Water

-With one fill, 4.5 gallons fo water can pre-scrape 300-600 plates.

Save Energy

-Dish water is heated so every gallon saved is saving energy and helps prevent rewash!

Save Time

-PLATESCRAPE is designed to make pre-scraping plates twice as fast as the spray nozzle.