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1) Place Frozen Food Into Defroster

2) Fill With Water Until Water Overflows Into Exterior Container

3) Continue Filling Until Water Reaches an Inch Above Fill Line In Exterior Container

4) Plug in and Turn On

5) Defrost

6) Unplug and Turn Off

7) Remove Defrosted Food

8) Unplug Exterior Container Drain Plug to Drain Water

9) Unplug Interior Container Drain Plug to Drain Water

8) Clean/Sanitize

*Read & Follow All Safety Instructions Prior to Use

*Always follow all health code guidelines.

Improper Use May Void Warranty:

Appliance MUST be plugged into an outlet that is installed in accordance wtih all appropriate codes & ordinances

DO NOT operate appliance if appliance is malfunctioning or appears damaged

DO NOT use appliance for anything other than its intended use

DO NOT operate appliance without adequate water filled to the fill line.

DO NOT handle plug with wet hands or in a wet environment

DO NOT remove plug from receptacle by pulling the cord

DO NOT TOUCH pump or heater within 15 minutes of use.